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Young People With Autism at Work in a Digital World

By Erin Harris | Posted on 04.29.2013 | 0 comments
Young People With Autism at Work in a Digital World
Ever wonder about what resources are available to help young adults with autism to thrive in the workplace?
With 50,000 teens on the autism spectrum turning 18 this year, the need for resources is strong.

One program, run by the nonPareil Institute, is equipping young people with autism with skills to tap into the tech industry. The program melds job training with software development, helping youth on the spectrum who have an interest in technology to turn passion into proficiency.
While individuals with autism often have sensory and communication difficulties that make it hard for them to enter the job market, they are often uniquely productive and focused in their work. These qualities make many young adults with autism well suited for the tech sector.
Learn more about this program, designed to help people with autism flourish in communication, self-expression, purpose, and empowerment. Read “Young Adults With Autism Can Thrive in High-Tech Jobs” and “Young Adults With Autism Seek Out White-Collar Careers for First Time.”
If you work with children or adults on the autism spectrum, you may find the following resources helpful.
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