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Woodstock Rings Chimes For Autism

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 04.17.2014 | 0 comments
Woodstock Rings Chimes For Autism
“Who’s going to be the first one to spot a Woodstock wind chime?”
For Tyler Doi, music reveals a special world of enjoyment. For several years, the sound of wind chimes has captivated him, sending him into exultations of joy and delight whether he sees them in passing from the car or plays with them in person. His family is happy to see him with such an interest; Tyler has autism, and doesn’t express himself or interact with people that easily.
Tyler’s passion for wind chimes enables him to meet with and talk to others, yet there’s more to his story. At eight years old, he’s formed a particular attachment to Woodstock Chimes, a family-owned business based in New York. In fact, you could say he’s made it his specialty: Tyler is a self-made expert on every product the company makes.
Tyler’s family contacted Garry Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes, and explained about their son and his interest in their wind chimes. Kvistad invited the family to take a tour of their facility, including their testing site, and then personally played “Name That Chime” against Tyler, challenging him to name each chime just by hearing it. Tyler got every one correct!
Woodstock Chimes was as captivated by Tyler as he is by their chimes, and his visit inspired them to develop the Woodstock Chimes for AutismTM, a chime that includes a clapper designed to create a soothing, gentle sound. One hundred percent of their profits from selling this chime goes to research and treatment for autism.
Step into Tyler’s world below, read more about Woodstock Chimes for AutismTM, and see the chime for yourself. And don’t forget to download our free eBook [PDF] for supportive strategies for persons on the autism spectrum.
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