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Read the Latest Addition to the CPI Article Library: “Defining Workplace Bullying”
By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 12.30.2011 | with 0 comments
Read the latest addition to the CPI article library, “Defining Workplace Bullying,” by Bill Badzmierowski, CPI’s Prepare Training® director of Instructor Services, about the ...  Read more »
Changes at Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex Reflect Shift in Therapeutic Philosophy
By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 12.29.2011 | with 0 comments
The Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex in WI has undergone changes including adding special, separate units for vulnerable and/or violent residents in an effort to de-escalate these individuals from stages of agitation, according to a recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Read more »
Brain Size May Offer Clues About Alzheimer’s Disease
By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 12.28.2011 | with 0 comments
A study in Neurology suggests that the size of different areas of the brain could predict the likelihood of symptoms associated with early Alzheimer’s disease.  Read more »
Defining Workplace Bullying
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 12.28.2011 | with 0 comments
Workplace psychological harassment/bullying involves highly sensitive, complicated, and controversial factors. It is difficult to even define in many jurisdictions unless the behavior is part of other legislatively addressed concerns such as harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.  Read more »
Orange County Teachers Coach Elementary Students With Emotional Disorders at Cherokee School
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 12.27.2011 | with 0 comments
The Cherokee School has served students with emotional and other disabilities since 1978, and for the past seven years, it has focused only on those with emotional and behavioral troubles.  Read more »
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