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Autism, Pet Therapy, and Acceptance

By Erin Harris | Posted on 12.04.2012 | 0 comments
 Autism, Pet Therapy, and Acceptance
“Pets accept us.” writes Rachel. “They let us communicate in our own way.”

Rachel writes for NaturalAutismTreatments.org, an organization run by individuals on the autism spectrum.

Want Rachel’s point of view about the role pets can play in the lives of people with autism? Acceptance, intuition, and nonjudgmentalness are among the characteristics of cats and other pets that Rachel propounds. Click here to find out how pets can help people with ASD cope with anxiety, and how fostering a spirit of empathy, dignity, and respect is key to connecting with persons with ASD.

And if you work in education, get tips for supporting students on the spectrum.
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