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Top 10 Resources for Crisis Prevention

Top 10 Resources for Crisis Prevention
Do you believe that harm can be prevented?
I do. I believe that more often than many people think is possible, we can prevent problems from getting out of control. We can make each other safer.
It might sound silly, but at CPI, Prevention is our middle name. It’s what we believe in, it’s what we teach in our training programs, and it’s what we stand for as the Crisis Prevention Institute.
Because you’re here, I bet you believe in something similar. Or maybe you face serious problems at work that seem like they can’t be reduced, and you’re looking for strategies to prevent harm.
To help you do that, we’re sharing some of our most popular resources of the year. These ten resources reached thousands of changemakers like you. Check out your favorites, and pass them on!  

1.  5 Things to Do When Someone’s Rude to You
Ever greeted someone with a pleasant “Good morning” and received a less than pleasant response? Here's what to do.

2.  Trauma-Informed Care Resources
When someone’s been through a traumatic event, their behavior is affected by what they’ve seen and felt. These resources will help you help someone who needs your trauma-informed response.

3. How to Help Someone Who Has a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Anxiety. Flying off the handle. Not understanding cause and effect. FASD is an invisible disability with a host of symptoms. Here are strategies to help.

4. 65+ Awesome Apps for Autism
Which apps work best? Check out this list of tried-and-true apps, tested by teachers, behavior interventionists, therapists, and others who support individuals with ASD.

5. Care and Safety eBooks
From hospital safety to de-escalation tips, from safer schools to person-centered dementia care, choose an eBook designed to help you improve life for your staff and the people in your care.

6. Restraint Reduction and CPI training
CPI is restraint training, right? Actually, we teach that the safest restraint is the one that never occurs. Learn how no matter where you work, you can prevent and reduce restraint use.

7. This Risk Assessment Tool Helps You Deal With Difficult Behavior Better Than Ever
When someone threatens harm, the Decision-Making Matrix gives you even more ability to choose the safest intervention and make the best choice.

8. The Kids in This Video Explain How They Calm Down When They're Upset
These kindergartners have a go-to strategy we could all use!

9. Taking Threats Seriously: Establishing a Threat Assessment Team and Developing Organizational Procedures
A client stares directly at a staff member and with alarming serenity says, “If you do that, I'll kill you.” How should you respond? Veteran intervener and prevention expert Bill Badz has tips.

10. Compassion Fatigue: Could It Be Compromising Your Professionalism?
Do you excel at taking care of others—but put yourself last on your priority list? Here's how to cope with caregiving.
Last but not least, thank you for everything you do to make your workplace safer. From everyone here at CPI, we wish you Happy Holidays and a safe and healthy new year!