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Is Disability an Excuse—or Is Bullying Taking Place?

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 02.16.2012 | 0 comments
 Is Disability an Excuse—or Is Bullying Taking Place?
“If I’m so good at basketball, then why do I always get picked last?”

In this scene from NBC’s Parenthood, Max, a boy with Asperger’s, explains to his parents that he can’t play basketball because he has a disability. But as his parents probe more deeply, Max reveals that he’s not only being left out, but his P.E. teacher is encouraging him to bring a note to excuse him from playing altogether.

How can parents and teachers encourage kids of different abilities to work together as a team? Read more and watch the video clip in “Should Asperger’s Be an Excuse?”

Picture from autismradio.org

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