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Stand Up for Your Peeps

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 02.21.2012 | 0 comments
Stand Up for Your Peeps
What do marshmallow Peeps and bullying have to do with each other? Quite a lot, according to Franklin Middle School, which received a $1,000 grant for developing an antibullying program based on Peeps.

“Last May, [special-education teacher] Clara went to National Harbor and came back with a mug with different-colored Peeps on it, saying, ‘Inside, we’re all the same,’” said social worker Devra Gordon. “So when she showed it to me, we both lit up because we knew we wanted to establish a program based on it.”

Through focusing on character-building and positive behaviors as a whole instead of pinpointing individual bullies, the school hopes to empower both students and faculty to respond appropriately when they see bullying behavior. Find out more about this year-long pilot program in “Peeps and Positive Behavior.” 

Find out more about how you can boost your behavior management skills.

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