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Keeping the 4th Fun for the Whole Family

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 07.02.2014 | 0 comments
Keeping the 4th Fun for the Whole Family
Photo: cisale / Thinkstock
Independence Day can be filled with all sorts of fun things: Food, family, friends, more food . . . and depending on where you are, the weather can play its own dynamic role in the festivities. Add in the anticipated fireworks, and you’ve got yourself a full day of sensory stimulation.
How do you help your child and entire family enjoy the day?
Make sure your child knows what to expect, suggests Sara Peronto in “6 Tips to Having A Sensory Friendly 4th of July,” a post on Friendship Circle. It’s worth your time to explain that while there may be many more people and noise than your child is used to, there will be fun things to do along the way. Additionally, establish a safe place to go in case the noise and crowds get too much. This could be a blanket to hide under or a nearby tree to retreat beneath.
Head over to the post to get more ideas on how to ensure kids of all abilities know what to expect, and hopefully keep yourself from getting ovewhelmed, too. Have a great 4th!
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