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6 Facts About a Person With Dementia

By Erin Harris | Posted on 06.24.2013 | 3 comments
“You are key to the quality of my life.”
In this poem, CPI Global Professional Instructor Dan Lonigro writes from the perspective of a person with dementia. The poem emphasizes the importance of helping a person do what he or she can do. Focusing on abilities is central to providing person-centered care. This can help the person feel purpose, fulfillment, accomplishment, and quality of life.
We hope this poem helps you improve care in your facility or for your loved one. Please feel free to share it and pass it on!

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thanks for sharing. here's related article http://anti-aging-today.us/dementia-facts/ you might be interested with.
3/25/2015 10:54:18 AM
Dan lonigro
Hi Cathy

So glad you liked this piece. Feel free to share it with your staff and I hope they find inspiration in it.
10/14/2013 11:29:07 AM
Cathy Bickley
This is so true. Working with people with dementia, cognitive or physical disabilitie you have to step back and also remember respect (biggy in my books). I printed this off because it is so relevant to many situations. I hope my staff will take the time and read it. I posted it in the staff room. Maybe I should get it blown up so they don't miss it. Or when I do yearly planning meetings with families and clients, it should be something we read before we start.
Very inspirational, well done
Cathy Bickley
Keswick, Canada
10/11/2013 1:28:13 PM
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