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The Impact of Dementia on Driving

By Chris Ebell | Posted on 03.24.2011 | 1 comments

As a nation, we are often dependent on driving, as public transportation systems are frequently inadequate. The ability to drive safely is compromised in persons with dementia. The person retains the procedural memory skills of turning the key, providing just the right pressure on the gas pedal and break, and changing the gears; however, the ability to respond quickly, problem solve when something out of the ordinary occurs, or clearly recognize how their driving might be impacting others on the road—is diminished. This places the person with dementia at a high risk for accident and/or injury. Yet the person may have no other means of obtaining needed goods and services.


We can support persons with dementia in our communities by becoming educated about the disease process, by utilizing assessments that will help determine if there is a need for the person to retire from driving, and by seeking transportation alternatives in order to preserve the person’s safety and continued independence. To learn more, check out Dementia and Driving.


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