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Autism Multisensory Room Creates Safe Learning Environment

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 03.31.2014 | 0 comments
Autism Multisensory Room Creates Safe Learning Environment
It’s winter right now, and iced branches jut out of the snow, reaching for the overcast sky. In the distance among the trees, a white fox weaves in and out among the brambles. A crisp wind swirls the hair of students playing in the falling snow.
A typical recess? Perhaps. Except the winter landscape is projected on a screen, the wind is regulated, and a snow machine provides the flurries so delighting the kids.
Rosehill School in Nottingham, UK might seem unusual at first glance. For one thing, all the students have autism.
Then there’s the sensory room. Andy Sloan, Deputy Head and Creative Partnership Coordinator for the school, presents it this way: “Our children don’t learn in the traditional way. Our children learn through their senses. [This room] provides a great opportunity for our children to learn through that sensory experience.”
The sensory room doesn’t just provide seasonal scenarios. Called “The MILE,” the software behind the room takes just a switch to create a range of experiences and lessons that can be stimulating, calming, de-escalating, and more. Students improve their social, communication, and academic skills through interacting with others within the school’s curriculum.
See for yourself:

Find out more about Rosehill School, and click here for tips for positive behavior resources.
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