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Cyberbaiting on the Rise as Teacher Tantrums Posted to YouTube

By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 05.13.2011 | 0 comments
Cyberbaiting on the Rise as Teacher Tantrums Posted to YouTube
With the rise in teens' use of smartphones, teachers have one more reason for maintaining Rational Detachment. ABC’s Good Morning America examines cyberbaiting: the act of students luring teachers into unprofessional behavior, capturing videos of the behavior, and posting the videos on the Internet.


"Do a quick search on YouTube and find dozens of videos of teachers 'flipping out' to the jeering laughter of students—a music teacher smashes a violin, another spits on a student in full classroom meltdown.


In this form of bullying, known as cyberbaiting, students provoke the teacher to the breaking point, then secretly record the tantrum on a cell phone, then post it online. Not only is it humiliating, demolishing a teacher's morale, but it can cost them their job."

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