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Establishing Positive Behavior on the School Bus

By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 05.13.2013 | 2 comments
Establishing Positive Behavior on the School Bus
How do you get students to behave on the school bus?

A Campus Safety article features Positive Behavior Intervention and Support as a strategy for dealing with the diverse needs and unique challenges of today's students.

“Disciplining students is never an easy thing to do. When you hear of a student being disciplined in school or on the bus, what picture comes to your mind? The Encarta Dictionary defines discipline as punishment, ‘designed to teach somebody obedience’ or training, ‘the practice or methods of teaching . . . acceptable patterns of behavior.’


Bus drivers often struggle to create and carry out a plan of discipline that works consistently. Writing bus rider discipline referrals for students who break the rules on the bus is a common forms of discipline. But what if there was a way to train the students to behave, gaining control and the respect of the students on a bus, without punishing them by ‘writing them up’?


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) programs provide students with incentives to meet and exceed behavioral expectations. Officials who work for a Maryland middle school say they have seen a change among students since implementing a PBIS program, and that PBIS programs are useful tools for the bus environment.

For more on school bus safety, watch what this driver did when a stranger boarded her bus.

Erin Harris
Thanks for sharing your thoughts--I agree! Here's more on PBIS: http://www.crisisprevention.com/Blog?tagid=393
9/30/2015 11:11:07 AM
Kimmberly Wolfe
This looks fantastic
9/29/2015 9:27:55 PM