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Air Travel and Autism

By Erin Harris | Posted on 10.31.2013 | 0 comments
Air Travel and Autism
A sea of swarming airport crowds, the uncertainty of arrival and departure times, the likelihood of being touched as you make your way through security or down cramped and narrow aisles, the grating noise of a roaring engine . . . what would it be like to travel on an airplane if you had autism?
Four-year-old Callum Price, who's on the spectrum, visited JFK airport with his family to get a feel for what air travel might be like. With the incidence of autism on the rise, JetBlue airlines launched an air travel practice session to help people with autism prepare for future travel—and to give flight staff tools to help make travel comfortable for people of all ages with mild to severe forms of the condition. 
The results? Read "Children With Autism Practice Travel at NYC's Airport" and find out why Callum and his family are looking forward to an upcoming flight to Disney World.
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