Why Memory Care Must Be Flexible
By Erin Harris | Posted on 04.15.2014 | with 0 comments
“People with Alzheimer’s don’t conform," says Tom Hlavacek. "If you try to put them into an environment where they’re expected to conform and remember rules, it’s just not going to work." Find out what goes into creating a flexible memory care environment.  Read more »
Inspiration & Innovation at the 2014 CEC Convention and Expo
By Pam Sikorski | Posted on 04.15.2014 | with 0 comments
More than 4,500 special educators provided us with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to learn from their successes.  Read more »
Dementia Care at the 2014 AOTA Conference
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 04.09.2014 | with 0 comments
There is no greater profession than Occupational Therapy positioned to take a leadership role in mitigating the impact of dementia.  Read more »
How to Manage Stress and Keep Your Temper
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 04.09.2014 | with 3 comments
When you’re in a stressful situation at work or home, here are tips to help you stay calm and in control.  Read more »
Does CPI Training Work?
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 04.03.2014 | with 0 comments
Here’s how de-escalation skills can help staff calm situations quickly and effectively.  Read more »
Autism: Different—Not Less!
By Gary Weber | Posted on 03.31.2014 | with 0 comments
Here are some considerations for nurturing strengths in the light of what a child can do.  Read more »
How to Advocate for Mental Health and Student Safety
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 03.28.2014 | with 0 comments
Call your senators and tell them to fix gaps in mental health treatment availability and to support the Keeping All Students Safe Act.  Read more »
What Can You Do to Stop the Suffering of Alzheimer’s?
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 03.25.2014 | with 0 comments
Here’s one way to help people at every stage of their dementia process.  Read more »
What Is Blanket Coverage?
By Roshawn Key | Posted on 03.24.2014 | with 0 comments
Here’s how to stay warm and cozy with CEU approvals for quality training.  Read more »
4 Things Twitter Taught Me About Elder Care
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 03.21.2014 | with 0 comments
In our quest to create a Dementia Capable Society, it’s heartwarming to see these eldercare ideas and resources.  Read more »
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