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7 Strategies for Foster Parents
By Matthew Danek | Posted on 04.29.2016 | with 0 comments
Whether a placement is successful or not depends on a lot of factors. Use these strategies in your brave, compassionate goal to change a child's life for the better.  Read more »
traumatic events
By Jeffrey C. Roth | Posted on 04.28.2016 | with 0 comments
Do you support kids who cope with traumatic events? Use these caring strategies to help them build resilience and heal.  Read more »
The Glass Is Half Full for Dementia Care
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 04.25.2016 | with 2 comments
See what we've been up to as we teach why there's hope for individuals, families, and caregivers on the dementia journey.  Read more »
What IBM’s Watson Thinks About CPI Certified Instructors
By Robert Rettmann | Posted on 04.21.2016 | with 0 comments
What jumped out for me right away was a stellar rating in a key characteristic—99%!  Read more »
5 Ways to Celebrate Your Superstar Profession This OT Month
By Erin Harris | Posted on 04.20.2016 | with 0 comments
OTs have unique skills to help people with dementia and their families live better lives. Celebrate with these tips.  Read more »
What Is #CWSS and How Can It Help You at Work?
By Aryn Lietzke | Posted on 04.18.2016 | with 0 comments
This is so much more than four words. Find out what’s at the heart of what you and CPI do.  Read more »
If Only We Listen, They Will Be Heard
By Karishma Minocha | Posted on 04.14.2016 | with 0 comments
Once upon a time they too had a life of their own. A life with purpose, laughter, and milestones. Now a guiding light, a hand to hold, and someone with empathy is who they seek.  Read more »
What’s in Your Toolbox?
By D.C. Foster | Posted on 04.13.2016 | with 0 comments
When it comes to crisis prevention, you need one very important tool. Without it, you may never know the great many things you can helpfully change and constructively do.  Read more »
By Tim Wayne | Posted on 04.07.2016 | with 0 comments
Bridging the brain and behavior, neurocounseling helps create new neural pathways for clients to cope and heal.  Read more »
Challenging Myths About Mental Illness
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 04.06.2016 | with 4 comments
Myth: Mentally ill people are violent. Hidden truth: People with mental illness are more likely to be victims, rather than perpetrators, of violence.  Read more »
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