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Early Alzheimer’s in Parents Takes Toll on Their Kids
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 02.09.2015 | with 0 comments
Your career and home life are finally in sync, the kids are heading off, and you might actually even retire someday. What happens if early-onset Alzheimer's shows up?  Read more »
How You Can Help End Teen Dating Abuse
By Erin Harris | Posted on 02.06.2015 | with 0 comments
How do you teach teens what a healthy, loving relationship looks like? Or how one feels? These resources will help during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and beyond.  Read more »
The Top 20 Must-Sees of New Orleans
By Erin Harris | Posted on 02.05.2015 | with 0 comments
If you’ll be in town for this summer’s Instructors’ Conference, don't miss these top spots!  Read more »
I Found 3 Rewarding Ways to Make People’s Lives Better
By Matthew Danek | Posted on 02.04.2015 | with 2 comments
Since 2008, I've used and taught incredible techniques to build relationships and help people solve problems.  Read more »
Forgetfulness in Seniors Not Always Dementia
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 02.03.2015 | with 0 comments
How do you know when forgetfulness is “normal”?  Read more »
Dementia Care Specialist Reviews “Still Alice” Book
By Chris Ebell | Posted on 02.02.2015 | with 3 comments
This phenomenal book shows what it's like to change and decline, yet still remain who you are.  Read more »
Grind Dining Dishes Up New Menus for Memory Care
By Erin Harris | Posted on 02.02.2015 | with 0 comments
People with Alzheimer’s often can’t feed themselves anymore, right? Not necessarily! This alternative to spoon-feeding is not only appetizing, it promotes dignity, independence, and even happiness.  Read more »
First Dementia-Friendly City Council in British Columbia
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 02.02.2015 | with 0 comments
The City of New Westminster has recognized the need to become more age-friendly. Here's what they're doing about it.  Read more »
School Bus Safety Drives New New York Legislation AB823
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 02.02.2015 | with 0 comments
NY AB823 is an Act introduced in January of 2015 meant to ensure that school bus drivers and attendants are properly trained in techniques to prevent bullying and harassment.  Read more »
Are Persons With Dementia Responsible for Crimes They Commit?
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 01.29.2015 | with 2 comments
Persons with frontotemporal dementia were responsible for 37% of crimes as opposed to 8% with Alzheimer’s, per a recent study.  Read more »
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