8 Tips for Respectful Online Communication at Work
By Raquelle Solon | Posted on 07.23.2013 | with 0 comments
How often have you received an email with no greeting? How about no closing? Have you ever received an email or written directive without a please or thank-you attached? How did that make you feel? Get tips on writing respectful emails—and what to do the next time you receive a not-so-great one.  Read more »
Changing Perceptions; Changing Care
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 07.17.2013 | with 0 comments
In that moment, my friend saw this young woman as a victim and vowed from that moment on not to further victimize any patient at his hospital. He took a hard stance against the use of mechanical restraints. He was very unpopular, but he stood up for his beliefs, his perceptions—and his facility has not used mechanical restraint for several...  Read more »
7 Essential Elements of Healthcare Excellence
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 07.11.2013 | with 0 comments
It’s much easier to focus on high-quality patient care when we don’t have to worry so much about how to manage and negotiate the tricky waters of workplace violence. Here’s my spin on how the seven elements described in a National Council for Behavioral Health conference session are supported by or made possible by a quali...  Read more »
Revvin' Up for the 2013 CPI Instructors' Conference
By Tony Jace | Posted on 07.05.2013 | with 0 comments
Get your motors runnin’—we’re revvin’ up for Conference! Our 2013 Instructors’ ACT Conference is right on the horizon, taking place next week here in Milwaukee, WI. We’re all looking forward to gathering with our Certified Instructor attendees and helping them Adapt, Customize, and ...  Read more »
Heroes: A Dedication to All Who Work in Human Services
By Dan Lonigro | Posted on 07.02.2013 | with 8 comments
Human services has to be one of the most challenging jobs there is. All the degrees, accreditation, and certificates in the world don't adequately prepare a person for the rigors of dealing with human behavior. Hopefully, the following can help you on those tough days when Rational Detachment is hard to come by. It’s written from the p...  Read more »
How We Can Make Life Better Now for People With Dementia
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 07.02.2013 | with 4 comments
Recently, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an update to the 2012 National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease. The update includes a new timeline for preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease by 2025, as well as a review of the progress that has been made since the initial plan was released last M...  Read more »
Canada and Workplace Bullying
By Raquelle Solon | Posted on 06.28.2013 | with 0 comments
British Columbia has established policies that indicate that employers, supervisors, and workers all have a responsibility to prevent workplace bullying and harassment. The policies establish guidelines that will need to be followed. This post focuses on a few of the guidelines for British Columbia employers that CPI can help your organization w...  Read more »
Social Worker Safety in the Workplace Legislation in Massachusetts
By Tony Jace | Posted on 06.26.2013 | with 2 comments
I recently heard about promising new legislation in Massachusetts. The Social Worker Safety in the Workforce legislation is intended to ensure that direct services providers take proactive steps to keep social workers and other staff members safe. Regardless of where your organization is located or what regulations you’re subject to, imple...  Read more »
Reducing Workplace Violence: Using Postvention for Prevention
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 06.14.2013 | with 0 comments
One of the easiest ways to prevent workplace violence is to implement a concrete policy and plan for reviewing incidents of workplace violence after they occur. What you discover in a review can serve as a guide for changes that can assist you in preventing future occurrences of a similar nature. Doing or responding the same way time after time ...  Read more »
10 Tips to Ease the Caregiver Journey
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 06.07.2013 | with 3 comments
I travel all over the country to help people take care of loved ones and clients with dementia. No matter who I talk to or what role they have, whether professional or family caregiving, it seems that everybody shares similar hopes, fears, questions, and concerns. Here are some tips and resources to help you ensure the quality care tha...  Read more »
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