Guest blogger Michelle Seitzer shares with our community her recommendations for best practices in activity programming for dementia care. When I was hired as an activities director for an assisted living community near Valley Forge, PA, I was a newly minted college graduate with an English degree and four years of volunteer experience. Sure, I had a lot of passion for the senior population, but I knew almost nothing about the practice of working with and for them. I quickly learned that I had much to learn; that crucial first year was really a trial by fire.

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Best Practices for Activities Programming in Dementia Care Units

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I would like to share my memory jogging puzzles and memory exercise cards with The Saturday Evening Post themes. If you are looking for age appropriate activities designed for your loved ones success, you must see these.
5/23/2012 7:46:01 PM
I appreciate any tips to improve the quality of life for dementia residents. Also the insights to understanding the residents. Thanks!
12/26/2011 12:57:43 PM
kamal siddiqi
a care home for the elderly in the UK and I am always on the lookout for best practice, espcially in the area of activities. I have never been able to overcome the problems inherent in people no longer being interested in the things they used do.
11/28/2011 6:40:55 PM
Michelle Seitzer
Thanks for the comment, JoAnn. Absolutely - the timing can vary from day to day.
8/16/2011 11:26:27 PM
JoAnn Jordan
I agree - simple & flexible is the way to approach things. And, don't hem yourself in with activities needing to last a set length of time - some days an exercise group may last 15 minutes and 30 minutes the next.
8/15/2011 1:09:24 PM
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