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Caring for Physically Aggressive Persons With ADRD
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 12.19.2011 | with 2 comments
I’m often asked about ways to provide care for people with dementia who are aggressive and combative. Recently, I was asked to offer suggestions for helping an aggressive dementia patient change clothes. I share my response with you here. I hope this information proves helpful to all caregivers who are committed to helping make life ...  Read more »
Thank You for Another Great Year!
By Tony Jace | Posted on 12.19.2011 | with 0 comments
It’s hard to believe that 2011 is coming to a close! It seems like just yesterday that I was making resolutions for the new year to come. I’m happy to report that we met and exceeded the goals that I set for CPI earlier in the year.  Read more »
What Can We Do About Workplace Bullying?
By Greg Haag | Posted on 12.14.2011 | with 13 comments
I read an article recently about workplace bullying and the options targets of bullying have in dealing with this unwanted and troubling behavior. The advice offered in the article was simple; avoid confronting the bully because that will only make matters worse and that the best course of action a target of workplace bullying could take w...  Read more »
Gift Ideas for Persons With Dementia
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 12.09.2011 | with 4 comments
Holidays are a special time of year for loved ones to connect and share laughter and good times. While it can be difficult to integrate loved ones with dementia into holiday plans, it’s important to include them, as they can and should be part of the celebration. Here are some ideas for gifts for individuals with dementia, as well as...  Read more »
Workplace Violence Isn’t Part of the Job for Emergency Nurses
By Tony Jace | Posted on 12.06.2011 | with 5 comments
In November, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) released its Emergency Department Violence Surveillance Study, based upon responses to a survey by emergency room nurses that are members of the association.  Read more »