Best Buddies Fosters Friendship and Autism Awarenes

By Erin Harris | Posted on 09.21.2012 | 0 comments
Best Buddies Fosters Friendship and Autism Awarenes
Getting involved with her local Best Buddies chapter has helped Lindsay Suline strengthen her social interaction and communication skills. Lindsay has autism, and she’s become more contented and sociable as a result of becoming fast friends with Stacy Nguyen two years ago.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization that fosters friendships between neurotypical individuals and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The buddy pairings help people with IDD find rewarding work, live independently, and enjoy strong friendships.

Learn more about Lindsay, Stacy, and the power of camaraderie in “Best Buddies ‘Can Change Your Life’: Program Pairs Students and Peers With Intellectual Disabilities.” 

Increase autism awareness by enhancing your interactions with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
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