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Mark Peperkorn Named Wisconsin’s Associate Principal of the Year
By Erin Harris | Posted on 01.12.2015 | with 0 comments
One of many ways Mark earned this distinction is through the strong, authentic relationships he builds with kids at PPMS.  Read more »
How to Stop Kids From Calling Each Other Names
By Erin Harris | Posted on 01.09.2015 | with 0 comments
“Loser,” “geek,” “gay,” “worthless,” “retard,” “freak.” Words can lay kids open. Make your school a part of No Name-Calling Week.  Read more »
Anxiety Drugs Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 01.06.2015 | with 0 comments
A New York Times article discusses a recent study that found a link between the use of sedative-hypnotic drugs like Valium and Alzheimer’s disease.  Read more »
72% of Canadians With Alzheimer's Disease Are Women
By Erin Harris | Posted on 01.06.2015 | with 0 comments
This year's Alzheimer's Awareness Month is focused on helping women take action and be Alzheimer's savvy.  Read more »
DSM-5 Changes and the History of Asperger’s
By Erin Harris | Posted on 01.05.2015 | with 0 comments
Asperger’s Syndrome now falls under the umbrella term of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Read more »
Making the Holidays Happy When Your Loved One Has Dementia
By Erin Harris | Posted on 12.22.2014 | with 0 comments
The holidays often bring stress for families affected by dementia, but there are ways to adapt activities to bring everyone joy.  Read more »
The Magic of Music: Persons With Alzheimer’s Sing From Memory
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 12.18.2014 | with 0 comments
There’s a choir in town that gives a special voice to persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Read more »
Almost Half of US Kids Have Experienced Trauma
By Erin Harris | Posted on 12.17.2014 | with 0 comments
While trauma can affect a child's health and development, a new study highlights the power of helping a kid develop coping skills.  Read more »
Vote! Help Create Trauma-Informed Charter Schools
By Erin Harris | Posted on 12.15.2014 | with 0 comments
Bring Kendra Stea one step closer to helping YOU help kids with trauma build the coping skills they need to succeed in school and in life.  Read more »
How to Protect Your Brain Health
By Erin Harris | Posted on 12.12.2014 | with 0 comments
It's not uncommon to experience memory loss as you age, but you can still prevent decline by learning new things and having fun.  Read more »
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