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Education Case Studies

Lafayette Parish School System

Lafayette (LA) Parish Schools implemented a system-wide policy, curriculum, and behavioral plan to equip and empower all persons involved to ensure a safe environment for everyone by reducing the use of restrictive techniques throughout the parish schools. The results of the CPI training have included a significant reduction in the frequency and number of classroom incidents and a corresponding decrease in the number of student suspensions.

South Carolina Department of Education

The State of South Carolina has been partnering with the CPI for over 15 years to properly equip teachers and paraprofessionals with the tools to deal with potential violent events. The training provides clear and practical steps that can be safely taken to deal with such situations.

Los Angeles County Office of Education

The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is the nation's largest regional education agency. CPI has worked with LACOE to provide training programs making a difference for staff and the over two million preschool and school-aged children in LACOE's care. Using CPI models, LACOE established and maintained comprehensive training as part of their School Crisis Response Plans.