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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Supportive Strategies for Crisis Prevention
Working with students and their families in the field of education can be an extremely rewarding experience. The more we learn about and understand the students in our care, the more positive and rewarding our relationships with them will become. The overall learning experience will become richer for everyone.

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Seven Tips to Prevent Violence in Your Workplace
If you're concerned about workplace violence in your own organization, you can begin to create a safer work environment and immediately decrease the chance of workplace violence incidents with these tips.

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Ten Tips for Crisis Prevention
CPI’s training programs are designed to equip you with prevention, intervention, and nonphysical skills for managing disruptive behavior before it can manifest in a crisis. A crisis can be defined as a moment in time when an individual in your charge loses rational, and at times even physical, control over his or her own behavior.

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The Art of Setting Limits
Setting limits is one of the most powerful tools that professionals have to promote positive behavior change for their clients, students, residents, patients, etc. Knowing there are limits on their behavior helps the individuals in your charge to feel safe. It also helps them to learn to make appropriate choices.

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