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Dementia Consulting Services


Dementia Consulting Starts With Discovery
At Dementia Care Specialists, we have extensive expertise and experience in cognitive habilitation and memory care. We have been involved as dementia care consultants in numerous memory care projects in long-term care and home health. We also provide dementia consulting to therapy organizations and therapists that desire to specialize in memory care. Projects range from small dementia care consulting services to large dementia care consulting services and are determined by specific needs.

Small Dementia Consulting Projects
Examples include (a) individual dementia consulting to expand the skills of the dementia care professional or (b) services to help an organization implement Dementia Capable Care training concepts and skills in daily practice.

Midsize Dementia Consulting Projects
We provide dementia consulting to facilities and organizations aiming to enhance or improve their businesses to better serve those with memory care needs and/or to address an area that needs improvement such as (a) activity program consultation, (b) therapy program consultation, or (c) behavior management program consultation. We offer services for therapy providers, home health agencies (private or medical), adult day care, and long-term care facilities.

Large Dementia Consulting Projects
These projects represent business development in which the facility or organization has made the decision to enter the market of delivering memory care specialization services or to enhance an existing memory care offering to achieve better results. Our goal is to work in concert with facility or organizational leaders, architects, and designers to produce a state-of-the-art, highly marketable memory care program, supported and enhanced by a congruent physical environment. We provide business development consultation to therapy providers, home health agencies, and long-term care facilities.

Dementia Consultations Tailor-Made
Our dementia care consulting services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Memory care program model definition and infrastructure
    • Identification of Whom the Facility Will Serve: Establish the admission, discharge, and admission exclusion criteria (e.g., diagnosis and stages of dementia). 
    • Care Model Identity: Establish the program philosophy, goals, and theoretical frameworks. 
    • Process: Identify the "who will do, what, when" operations such as (a) key assessment tools, (b) plan of care, (c) level of care assessments, and (d) interdepartmental communication and documentation tools. 
    • Human Resources: Our team offers guidance on recommended organizational structure and job descriptions to support the memory care program. Our team can assist with interviewing and hiring memory care program staff and provides a highly effective interviewing tool. 
    • Department Specialization: Establish best practice protocols for activities, therapy, dining, and ADLs to achieve program goals. 
    • Quality Improvement: Establish a quality improvement program. 
    • Family Support and Integration Plan: Identify methods to integrate and support families beginning from time of pre-admission/inquiry.
  • Floor plan design and interior design: The environment is a critical component of a successful memory care program. It must be customized to match the resident profile and designed to facilitate staff efficiency. Our dementia care consultants work with the architect and design team to create interior and exterior spaces that are dementia-friendly and facilitate an optimum level of function, safety, and quality of life for the residents served.
  • Financial modeling, feasibility study/market analysis, and staff modeling: Our dementia consulting team will identify the necessary staff ratios to successfully support the resident profiles and program goals. Our team provides assist with identifying a fee structure and staff compensation package for the customer's landscape, and will provide a recommended financially viable staffing model and financial model.
  • Staff training: Our dementia consulting team has the very unique expertise of training both therapy staff (OT, PT, and SLP) and the entire interdisciplinary team (nursing, aides, administrators, activities, etc.) in the principles and skills to support and deliver the established model of care. The training program assures that your team has the skills to deliver the memory care program to achieve the program goals of care, yielding positive care and financial results.
  • Marketing: We are available to create or deliver marketing materials and campaigns such as participation in outreach events, meeting with local influencers, advising on collateral development, and participating in commercials.
  • Industry Recognition: We offer our clients extremely valuable industry recognition for successful achievement of specific individual and/or facility standards. Our recognition programs are beneficial to motivate and reward staff who achieve a high level of memory care expertise and to publicly acknowledge facilities that achieve a high level of memory care:

We consider your residents, their loved ones, your staff, and your community when we sit down and talk with you about achieving a higher level of dementia care. We call this approach the Warchol Best-Abilities Care ModelSM.   

For more information about our dementia care consulting services or to arrange a dementia consultation, please call 877.816.4524 or use our contact us form.