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Advanced and Instructor Excellence Renewal Courses


The Instructor Excellence Renewal Process: Ongoing Training and Practical Testing


As a component of the Instructor Excellence Renewal Process, once every four years Certified Instructors are required to attend and complete a qualifying Instructor Excellence Renewal Course, which includes both written and physical competency testing.


We believe that this renewal process will benefit you as a Certified Instructor, as well as those you teach. Most importantly, it will strengthen your facility's ability to provide for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of the individuals in your care.
Instructors may choose any one of the following options:


Option 1: Trauma-Informed Care: Implications for CPI's Crisis Development ModelSM
A three-day, 21-hour training program that examines the influence of trauma on behavior and offers strategies and staff approaches to promote a culture of care that is trauma informed and person centered for all stakeholders, including family members who support those in care. With a better understanding of the function of behavior, those who have experienced trauma can be better served. [Read More]


Option 2: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Applications of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training
A three-day, 21-hour training program that will enhance your ability to tailor your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to address the unique needs of staff who support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. [Read More]


Option 3: Enhancing Verbal Skills: Applications of Life Space Crisis InterventionSM
A three-day, 21-hour training program that will enhance your communication skills, focusing on nonverbal communication, verbal interaction, de-escalation strategies, debriefing practices, and relationship building. [Read More]


Option 4: Applied Physical TrainingSM
A three-day, 21-hour training program that addresses the unique needs of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructors who work with exceptionally aggressive, violent individuals. [Read More]


Option 5: Supporting Individuals With Dementia and Related Cognitive Challenges
A three-day, 21-hour training program that will help you improve function and quality of life for the cognitively challenged by focusing on an abilities-based approach that is consistent with Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. [Read More]


Option 6: Three-Day Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Renewal Program
For those who are interested in reviewing program basics while fulfilling the Instructor Excellence Renewal requirements. [Read More]