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Read what people are saying about CPI's training programs:


School of the Osage, Lake Ozark, MO
“The most frequent response we hear over and over is, ‘This is the best training I’ve ever had. Why has no one taught me this before?’”

Susan Bowden
Director of Special Services


Metro PCS, Folsom, CA
"This training course provides an immediate impact to your work environment. Its content is effective in dealing with external customers as well as internal staff—I would strongly recommend the Prepare Training® program to other companies."

Julie Quinn
Human Resources Manager


Silver Connections of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
"This training has been a remarkable experience. Your team has renewed my inspiration to bring quality care for those with ADRD (Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias), and I am determined to be a positive member of the paradigm shift in our industry. I look forward to exploring ways to effectively promote Dementia Care Specialists' methods and systems within the industry, as well as bringing them to our families and communities."

Sue Bettenhausen
Senior Care Consultant


Washington School for the Deaf, Vancouver, WA
“CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® techniques work well. The verbal interventions are great. We needed something and this is the best that I have found.”

Nancy Sinkovitz


Lenawee Intermediate Schools, Adrian, MI
“When educators take the class, they feel validated because CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training fits so well with educational goals. Schools are safer when you can control acting-out behavior.”

Linda Emerson


Marriott Madison West, Madison, WI
"I value being a Prepare Training® program Certified Instructor because it gives our company flexibility in scheduling training, and I am able to provide a much needed program to our managers and our employees."

Robert J. Wooten
Head of Security


City of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
“This training helps break down and organize the thought process when faced with a potentially violent situation at work.”

Tom Higham
Security Advisor


Harvester Residential Care, St. Charles, MO
"Dementia Care Specialists has taught me more about dementia care and approaches than any other training I have received. One unique aspect of this training includes training of therapists to initiate functional assessments and treatment approaches that directly affects Medicare Prospective Payments. The passion of Kim and her team is contagious. This training helped me to expect positive outcomes in our residents with dementia and to truly provide person-centered care."

Jennifer Gettman, M.A.
NHA Administrator and CEO


Cary, NC
"Since attending the program, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of what I learned and tried to apply it on the job."

Shannon Windmeyer, OT


Island Lake, IL
"You are, in essence, teaching us to fulfill a basic need. It’s difficult to describe in words what a difference this clinical knowledge has lent me personally."

Tracy A. Regan, COTA/L


Department of Family Services, Province of Manitoba
“CPI’s Verbal Escalation ContinuumSM is probably one of the most important aspects of their program in terms of providing people with a real understanding about what can go on as a crisis elevates.”

Dr. Larry Hardy
Senior Psychologist


Fredricksburg Center for Mental Illness and Recovery, Fredricksburg, VA
“After attending Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, staff feel comfortable because they know what to expect. They know what their co-worker is going to do. It’s just a whole different ballgame when they are trained.”

Beverly Stone
Nurse Manager


Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA
"I did a lot of research into the training options available to us and came to believe the Prepare Training® curriculum was the best choice for the investment because it is very experiential and utilizes the latest in adult educational models. It is also a positive reinforcement program that emphasizes what we 'can' do to prevent crises."

Jess Chandler
Training & Development Manager


University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
“As a result of this training, I learned that I need to use my verbal skills more, as well as my listening skills.”

Rosemary Briscoe
Community Services/Crime Prevention Unit


FMC Corporation, Green River, WY
"The Prepare Training® program Instructor was prepared, upbeat, and professional, and every individual I dealt with at CPI was very enjoyable to talk to. In regards to the program, all of our officers agreed this type of training should be done in the department on a yearly basis."

Monica Johnson-Lamb
Security Coordinator


Ocean County Library, Toms River, NJ
"This is a very practical course that encapsulates customer service strategies, de-escalation techniques, and active listening skills in one training."

Rita Oakes


City of Sarnia, Sarnia, ON
“I now have the ability to identify situations that can escalate to potentially violent responses and to practice de-escalation strategies.”

Chad Thomasson
Safety and Employer Relations Officer


Baptist Children's Home and Family Services, Carmi, IL
“CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program is one of the few training programs I found that actually delivers what it promises.”

Doug Devore


Toronto Public Library, Toronto, ON
“The Prepare Training® program taught me how to react to a patron who is verbally or physically aggressive in a calm and rational manner.”

Tony Vigianni


Action on Hearing Loss, London, UK
“MAPA® has proved to be successful in equipping staff with safe and effective physical interventions to manage the more challenging and aggressive behaviour experienced from time to time in our service.”

Fiona McClelland
Head of Policy and Practice/
Deputy Director Care and Support


County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Community Dental Servies, Darlington, UK
“County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust Community Dental Services commissioned the Two-day CH-3SM: Skills for Clinical Holding training sessions from Positive Options and CPI during 2011 on the basis of recommendations from colleagues in the field.


The training stimulated discussion of interventions currently employed and around current methods of intervention used and provided effective, safe, and appropriate alternatives in a positive, realistic way.


We recommend this programme to similar services."

Hannah Thorpe
Senior Dental Officer


Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM is really relevant for people working with others in a range of settings where difficult incidents may arise. It stresses nonviolent interventions first and foremost.”

Marilyn Patterson
Caboolture East State School, QLD, Australia

“Excellent course. A great model with which to examine all challenging behaviour, useful in multiple settings, practical, excellent training tools. Professionally presented and well resourced system. ”

Mark Johansson
Spectrum Care Trust, New Zealand


“CPI’s training allows people to handle potential or violent situations with confidence, safety, professionalism and within the working guidelines/policy of their organisation.”

Marianne Bridge
Aoraki Polytechnic, Timaru

“Common sense—easy to understand. Core principles underpin all learning. Taught in a supportive manner and environment. Has relevance for all health care workers.”

Georgina Darkens
Waitemata District Health Board, New Zealand

Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM is an excellent course focusing on prevention. It is run by exemplary Instructor staff who obviously believe in its philosophy of providing the best possible care. If all courses were in according to these principles, we'd have a much better workplace!”

Dr. Leo Marneros
Gold Coast Hospital, QLD, Australia

Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM is essential for any human services professional. It gave me the confidence and skills to appropriately deal with crises I may face in the future. The framework and package are excellent.”

Mark Davidson
Boys Town Link Up, QLD, Australia

“This course is an excellent model. It can ensure/encourage the safety, care, welfare, and security for all people concerned in any given situation. The information and skills learned stay with us long term and can make environments much safer places while giving positive role models. CPI is a very professional organisation. I am most impressed.”

Sandy Marquart
Youth Horizons Trust, New Zealand

“Our organisation has adopted CPI’s philosophy of providing Care, Welfare, Safety and SecuritySM in support of our standard for best practice.”

Chris Procter-Abraham
Otakki Children’s Health Camp

“This is a worthwhile course for numerous settings, (i.e., psychiatric settings secure facilities, schools, etc.) It offers participants/organisations a good framework from which to train new people to an organisation that looks after folks.”

Keith Rowden
Dept. of Families, QLD, Australia

Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM is an excellent training and learning tool for your staff. It really centres on Care, Welfare, Safety and SecuritySM of staff and clients.”

Barbara Drake
Cavit ABI Rehabilitation Services, New Zealand

Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM provides a range of skills for staff to use in diverse situations. A well-defined framework that is easy to understand and apply. It provides practical skills that staff can adapt to their workplace. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients who display disruptive and dangerous behaviours, and it looks at improving behaviour.”

Gary Truloff
Department of Families, QLD, Australia

“This is a good course for those who work with difficult clients. I like the emphasis on de-escalation and recognition of the stages of crisis escalation and the linking these to appropriate responses.”

Ken Joblin
Hogben School, New Zealand

Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM is a compact training to equip staff who are faced with potentially difficult/aggressive behaviour.”

Elizabeth Mitchell
TAFE, NSW, Australia

“CPI’s instruction is really practical with wide applicability for anyone working with people on a daily basis. I really like its philosophy of treating all parties involved with care and respect while at the same time ensuring everyone’s safety.”

Denise Claxton
Homai Vision Education Centre, Manurewa