Amy Ali

Bilingual Global Professional Instructor With CPI since 2017

“I truly value how much CPI’s philosophy revolves around treating every person with dignity and respect at all times—even during their most difficult, vulnerable moments. This philosophy helps workplaces expand their culture of care and operate with compassion as a guiding framework. The more that compassion can drive us, the more we can create positive change.”

Amy trains and certifies professionals in our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program. She teaches throughout the US and Canada in both English and French.

Prior to joining CPI, Amy worked for economic justice for women through community organizing, educational workshops, and legislative initiatives.

She has extensive experience teaching high school and college-level French in the US, teaching English in France, and leading summer-abroad programs as a French literature instructor in France.

In addition to her current role with us, Amy is a lead artist for a painting bar in Milwaukee, where she guides acrylic painting sessions for large groups.

Favorite CPI Memory

My favorite CPI memory is from the first day of a program I facilitated. During introductions, a psychiatric nurse shared his name and said, “I meet people on their worst days.” His statement was simple, candid, and humble. It was so powerful to feel in his words how much he cared about doing the right thing and always treating people well.

Fun Facts
  • I find a hot breakfast to be a travel priority.
  • Since joining CPI, the newest addition to my French vocabulary is the word for “armpit.” I suppose I’d never needed to talk about armpits before!
  • My desktop background is the most neutral thing I could think of: cheese. So far, so good—no participant has ever complained about seeing cheese!