Ann Fraizer

Training Director, Instructor Standards and Support With CPI since 2011

“Every individual on this earth deserves to be treated with compassion, understanding, and the right to keep their dignity intact. This can be difficult to honor at times when someone loses control of their behavior, but that’s where Rational Detachment and not taking it personally really kicks in. What has helped me be able to do this well goes back to the first day I was introduced to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. I was a participant before becoming a Certified Instructor (and before working for CPI), and over the years I have had so many opportunities to use what I learned way back then. Today, I live the skills automatically. It’s an honor to have been given those skills to live the philosophy of treating others the way I want to be treated.”

Ann leads the team that connects our Certified Instructors with the support they need every step of the way toward greater safety for everyone. She ensures the integrity of our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program and sees that organizations’ adhere to our quality standards when facilitating their own training.

Before joining CPI, Ann was a Certified Instructor herself, ultimately achieving Master Level status. As a residential trainer specialist for 10 years, she coached, mentored, and trained staff in group homes and a residential facility, helping them focus on crisis prevention with our de-escalation techniques. With a bachelor's in psychology, Ann has worked in a state university psychology research department, a VA hospital research department, in group homes for young people with serious emotional challenges, and in a crisis shelter for children in need of respite care. She also managed a group home for teenage girls.

Knowing what it’s like to both care for vulnerable people and train staff in strategies for enhancing everyone’s safety, Ann is passionate about helping Certified Instructors feel fully equipped as they implement CPI training.

Favorite CPI Memory

My favorite CPI memories are formed when we hear from Certified Instructors who are about to train in their organizations for the first time. Sensing their enthusiasm, their energy, and even their nervousness gives me such faith that they’re passionate about being part of something big—and that they care about what they’re now responsible to do. I love the opportunities to support them and let them know that their nerves are a good thing, and they’ll be just fine when they train their first program.

Fun Facts
  • Watching romantic comedies and holiday movies is one of my favorite ways to relax.
  • I enjoy one good cup of coffee a day, and happily refer to it as my "foo-foo coffee"—my little cup of sunshine and daily treat!
  • I always believe in goodness, hopefulness, and kindness.