Aryn Lietzke

Editor of Training Programs and Product With CPI since 2012

“Sometimes, letting someone know the depth of your empathy by being there, by being a sympathetic sounding board for their emotions, is all that’s needed for that moment.”

Aryn has been part of the CPI team since 2012, and is grateful to work for a company that makes a positive difference in the world. Writing is a favorite pastime for her, so she enjoys contributing to the positive and informative stories on the CPI Blog.

Favorite CPI Memory

I was proofreading the guide for the 2015 NOLA Instructors’ Conference when an exciting opportunity came up. It had a photo of an unidentified, rainbow-colored bird at the Audubon Zoo, and because I’m known for my love of birds, I was asked to put a name to the pretty face of that feathered friend. It turned out that the zoo’s website listed the birds in their aviary. With that, the mystery of the Nicobar pigeon was solved, and another Conference Guide was prepared for you guys!

Fun Facts
  • I’ve enjoyed exploring Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • I love feeding and photographing birds, creative writing, and listening to all kinds of music.
  • The scariest and yet one of the coolest things I’ve done is inner tubing in a glow worm cave.
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