Dan Lonigro

Senior Global Professional Instructor With CPI since 2000

“Define success by the degree of dullness in your day. A boring day is an indication that you’ve prevented and handled situations so well that it never made the evening news. That’s a good day!”

One of our most experienced Global Professional Instructors, Dan pioneered the CPI Blog as our first writer, sharing strategies from the road starting in 2007. He teaches both public and hosted Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® trainings in industries including corrections, security, law enforcement, education, health, and mental health.

Dan’s calling as a trainer takes him across North America and sometimes around the world, which fits with his love for looking beyond the horizon. From 1995 to 2000, he taught English as a second language in Japan and Vietnam. During that time, he backpacked throughout much of Southeast Asia and India. He still loves traveling, and now in his free time he enjoys being with his wife and two kids, cooking, reading, gardening, and decompressing from life on the road.

This might take you aback, but Dan says people are actually doing us a favor by displaying acting-out behavior. The reason why will surprise you!

Favorite CPI Memory

My favorite memory is a cumulative one. It’s all the memories of all the participants I’ve met, worked with for four days, and then gotten a chance to look in the eye while saying our goodbyes, sharing that wonderful human bond formed between teacher and student. One example though is getting 30 goodbye hugs from 30 New Yorkers at the end of a training. What a wonderful memory that is for me.

Fun Facts
  • My wife and I own a nail salon.
  • I went to high school with Marlee Matlin and dated her friend.
  • I spent a night sleeping in a temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia when I got lost and wasn’t able to find my way out.


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