Erin Harris

Writing/Editing Consultant With CPI since 2010

“I believe that more often than many people think is possible, we can prevent problems from getting out of control. We can make each other safer.”

Erin started at CPI as a proofreader, where she reveled in editing training materials that help people solve problems. In 2012, she moved to writing, where she managed the CPI Blog and crafted web content. Now a consultant for CPI, Erin continues to write about how to prevent and manage conflict. She’s a caregiver for a loved one with dementia, and in her spare time she loves reading, writing fiction, and traveling.
Favorite CPI Memory

My favorite CPI memory is from my second week of working for the company. It was after hours on a spring evening and I could hear the rain falling outside. I had a cozy feeling as I proofread our training materials because they’re full of beauty and wisdom. Several people were talking nearby, and though I didn’t know all their names yet, their conversation made me think, “Every person who works here is genuinely kind.”

Fun Facts
  • I once got locked in a cemetery in Spain, until some passing locals caught me as I climbed down a high wall to escape.
  • I love hang gliding.
  • While I have an adventurous spirit, I’m afraid of volleyballs.
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