Matt Danek

Manager Special Projects With CPI since 2014

“I think that most staff members who have ever found themselves in the position of using physical intervention will tell you that it is nothing we should ever want to have to use. It is, in fact, just more reason to master the art of de-escalation to avoid being in that predicament.”

Matt is one of the few people in the world who have been fortunate to experience Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training as a participant, a Certified Instructor, and a Global Professional Instructor. He carries more than 13 years of experience working with youth and families, including case management, residential youth treatment, educational settings, and in-home work with children who have autism. He brought that experience to his role as a Global Professional Instructor starting in 2014. Now he provides implementation support to organizations is his role as a Training Consultant.
Favorite CPI Memory

There are so many to choose from, but I would say my favorite CPI memory is when I realized that the training actually works.

I was a youth counselor in a residential treatment center, and I had just recently completed my CPI training when one of the residents began yelling and refusing to return to the unit after an activity.

This is the exact moment when my CPI training became the “guiding voice in my head.” I can clearly recall flashing back to the training I had, which told me to “allow the release and remove the audience.”

So I walked with the kid up and down the hallway while he yelled and vented about the staff and the rules. This lasted for only a few minutes. When his energy level decreased, we discussed the incident, how he was feeling, and the plan for what we could do the next time he became upset.

And that was it. Crisis over. No destroyed property. No risk behavior. No restraint. No incident report. And a much stronger relationship was formed, which would prove to be invaluable during future interactions.

Fun Facts
  • I’ve visited 40 states and four countries.
  • I have performed four wedding ceremonies as an ordained minister.
  • I have been a basketball junkie for as long as I can remember.
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