Roshawn Key

Continuing Education Coordinator With CPI since 2013

“Verbal de-escalation and prevention techniques can go a long way in heightened situations. I believe that the opportunity for licensed professionals to participate in quality training—and receive the CE credentials to practice in their fields—is important for the safety of everyone, and has positive impacts on society as a whole.”

Roshawn helps people navigate the world of continuing education—whether you’re a Certified Instructor who teaches CPI programs to your coworkers, or a participant in a program taught by a Certified Instructor. He works with governing boards to ensure that CPI trainings meet the standards required so you can receive approval for continuing education credit. He has a B.S. in psychology, is a member of the Military Intelligence Corps, and has experience in the nonprofit, government, and education sectors. In his spare time, Roshawn enjoys writing, running, and singing.
Favorite CPI Memory

My favorite CPI memory is making the Blue Card™ video. Click the player below to check it out!

Fun Facts
  • I won a vacation in a karaoke contest.
  • I’m afraid of snakes.
  • Both my parents and I served in the Army.


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