Sharon Host

Client Consultant and Global Professional Instructor With CPI since 2012

“Having our feelings validated is such an important part of our human need to be valued and loved.”

Sharon has a bachelor of science in occupational therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her specialty is geriatrics, and she has many years of experience in the long-term care setting and the home health care industry. She began her journey using the Allen Cognitive Disabilities Model in 1999 and completed the Dementia Therapy Master Clinician Program in 2009. She has presented at AOTA on pain management in the aging population and at Alabama Occupational Therapy Association (ALOTA) conferences on patient positioning and documentation in the geriatric population. She believes that passion, skill, and training can help you make life better for people with dementia.
Favorite CPI Memory

I had known Kim Warchol a few years and worked as a contract trainer for the DCS programs for a couple years before I became a full-time employee. My impression of everyone at CPI/DCS has been that they are so knowledgeable in their jobs and always willing to help and take the time to get to know me. I have been so impressed with the people of CPI that it was a no-brainer when Kim offered me a full-time position. I took it without even asking what the salary was because I knew these were my kind of people and a place where I could not just work, but thrive.

Fun Facts
  • I love to cook, garden, sew, and read.
  • I am going to Greece and Italy this fall.
  • My granddaughter is my excuse to let go and act silly. You should see us sing Adele songs together!
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