Sharon Jackson

Client Consultant and Global Professional Instructor With CPI since 2014

“We can help a person with dementia feel purpose and meaning throughout their day, rather than focusing on what they can’t do or what they have lost.”

Sharon Jackson is the past President of the Allen Cognitive Network. She has served on the board since 2007 and was the president for two terms. With a degree in occupational therapy assistant technology, she has worked in long-term care/skilled rehab since 1998. Her professional experience includes working as a Program Designer to integrate the Allen Cognitive Disabilities Model into nursing to enhance the care of residents with dementia. In addition, she has served as a Manager of a memory care household, as an Activity Designer, an Activity Manager, a Case Manager, and an Admissions and Discharge Coordinator. Consulting and educating are her passion, with a specialization in adapting activities and ADL care to match an individual's best ability to function. Sharon believes that ongoing education can help you raise the standard of care for people with cognitive impairments.
Favorite CPI Memory

I remember working onsite with a client using our Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model℠ and overhearing an interaction between a resident and a Dementia Capable Care trained care partner who was being signed off for competency in the approaches for ADL care. The resident, who was in middle stage dementia, had just completed a shower with the coaching and assistance of this upskilled care partner. I overheard the resident say to the care partner, “I love you. Thank you.” Then she began to sing and hum a pretty song. This displayed the true potential of the program and how wonderful life can be at every stage of dementia if you have a care partner who understands the communication and approaches needed to engage the individual’s best ability to function.

Fun Facts
  • I love adventure and travel. The excitement of seeing new places and learning about new cultures is thrilling to me!
  • I went zip-lining through the rainforest in Belize and saw amazing caves with ancient artifacts.
  • My family and I went on a snorkel scooter called the BOSS Underwater Adventure in St. Thomas. It was amazing to motor around underwater, seeing the beautiful fish and coral.
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