Bill Badzmierowski

Global Professional Manager With CPI since 2004

“In any kind of crisis, simple and clear guidelines for directing our decisions and actions work best.”

Bill provides support and consultation to Certified Instructors and direction for ongoing quality assurance and Instructor excellence standards. He also teaches the Foundation Course, the Instructor Certification Program, and Topic Modules. Bill served as a crisis responder during Hurricane Iniki in the Hawaiian Islands; countless tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and air crashes; the shootings at Columbine High School; the 9/11 terrorist incidents in the US; the Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia; and a number of other major crisis events around the world. He’s a proud dual citizen of the US and Ireland. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and spending time with his family.
Favorite CPI Memory

I recall teaching CPI’s Challenged by Mental Illness at Work Topic Module in the Chicago area. One of my students approached me in tears after the course. She warmly praised the course and sincerely thanked me for teaching it. She told me that one of her relatives lives with mental illness. Her relative was often ridiculed and ostracized for being mentally ill. My student said that she was so grateful that we’re educating the world about both the myths and realities involved in mental illness. She said she felt that we’re providing an incredibly valuable service to the world, and I agree!

Fun Facts
  • I’m married to a graphic designer.
  • I live in Florida.
  • My Cairn Terrier has a full name: Cooper O’Mahoney.
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