Dan Lonigro

Dan Lonigro has been a CPI Global Professional Instructor since 2000. He facilitates both public and on-site Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training programs in human service environments, including corrections, security, law enforcement, education, health, and mental health. Dan has also delivered CPI’s Prepare Training® program to employees in a variety of business settings.

Posts by Dan Lonigro

The Terrible Things That Happen Without Compassion
Pain tries to tell us things. Here's why we need to listen. Read more »
How Things Changed for Grandfather
He'd been living with his son's family for years. He sat, ate, and stared out the window in isolation. But his grandchildren's games brought a new outlook. Read more »
Office Fun
Sticking your finger in a coworker’s food and asking if it’s good is not only rude, it actually works. I won’t have to buy lunch all week! Read more »
9 Things Someone in Your Care Wants You to Know
When you choose to serve others, that desire to help fellow human beings makes you a very special person. This is a message of gratitude for all you do. Read more »
6 Things To Know About Someone With Dementia
I can still communicate.I can't talk the way I used to, but I can still communicate. Be patient as I try. This will help me feel connected. Read more »
6 Simple Ways to Manage Your Boss’s Behavior
Ever wondered how to handle conflicts with your boss while keeping your relationship—and your job—intact? Read more »
6 Tips for Safe Travels in the Big Easy
Dan Lonigro's got tips for making your trip to the 2015 CPI Instructors' Conference safe and fun. Read more »
Don't Let Your Shirt Look Like a Prune (and Other Public Speaking Tips)
By Dan Lonigro | Posted on 10.29.2014 | with 1 comments
My job is based on public speaking, and some key strategies help me keep the stress at bay. Read more »
How to Stop Bullying From Becoming Routine
Learn how to teach more productive ways of behaving and communicating, and you hold the power to manage and even prevent bullying. Read more »
Zip It or Quip It: Talking After an Incident
Communicating after a disagreement or crisis is an opportunity and can be relationship defining. Here are some pros and cons of speaking after a crisis. Read more »
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