Heather Vaughn

Heather Vaughn joined CPI as Marketing Manager in 2012. She works closely with all of CPI’s teams on communication initiatives for both current and prospective customers. Prior to joining CPI, Heather spent seven years in a variety of roles at a digital marketing agency, where she dabbled in project management, content strategy, and learned just enough HTML code to make her slightly dangerous. Heather has a B.Mus. in Instrumental Music Education. Although she chose not to pursue teaching as a career, she feels the work to become a teacher (like learning how to create lessons plans) has aided her well in business. Outside of CPI, she plays clarinet (and helps with the marketing) for the Knightwind Ensemble. You can find her at @CPI_Heather on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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By Heather Vaughn | Posted on 08.19.2014 | with 2 comments
One of many things I took away from the summit was a renewed sense of purpose for doing everything I can to help kids value each other, not harm. Read more »