Judith Schubert

As president of CPI, Judith Schubert provides leadership to ensure that our training, resources, and services are high quality and easy to apply to your workplace realities. Jude’s commitment to Certified Instructors and their organizations keeps her actively involved in support, consultation, and ongoing program development. As an international speaker and writer, she spotlights important ingredients for helping you turn problems into possibilities and do good work in the midst of chaos. You can find her at @CPIprez on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Posts by Judith Schubert

When Domestic Violence Intersects With Your Workplace
Domestic violence can spill over into the workplace, but you can prevent and respond to incidents—and meet victims' needs. Read more »
What It Will Take to Reduce Restraint and Seclusion in Wisconsin Schools
An alarming number of students are being restrained or secluded in schools. But together we can make all our schools, students, and staff safer. Read more »
In Memory of Gene Wyka, Co-Founder of CPI
By Judith Schubert | Posted on 09.25.2015 | with 20 comments
Wise mentor, friend, and the best model of living authentically that I have known, Gene never imagined how many lives would be enriched by his work. Read more »
The Soul Goal
I am touched and humbled by your work. You are the soul of teaching our children and caring for our loved ones. Read more »
The “Who” Behind the “Do”
By Judith Schubert | Posted on 08.20.2014 | with 3 comments
We often get to know people's professional selves, but especially when we work in human services, we can't forget about our personal lives. Read more »
Expecting the Unexpected: Responding to Unpredictable Behavior
By Judith Schubert | Posted on 04.27.2012 | with 0 comments
Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a constant inner battle. Anger and hostility can be frightening, so staff responses can help or hinder crisis resolution. Read more »
Responding to Abusive Patient Behavior
This second part of our series on managing abusive individuals discusses how staff members can take action to prevent or mitigate dangerous behavior. Read more »