Lesley Rynders

Lesley Rynders has been sharing the CPI philosophy for over 13 years. She’s a Global Professional Manager who loves working with her team of Global Professional Instructors, but that doesn’t keep her from training CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® and Dementia Capable Care programs, since she also loves working with our customers. Lesley’s interests include Trauma-Informed Care, policy development, promoting world peace, and kale. For more from Lesley, follow her on Twitter!

Posts by Lesley Rynders

The Easiest Way to Raise Your HCAHPS Scores
By Lesley Rynders | Posted on 05.24.2017 | with 0 comments
Try these 4 supportive strategies and watch your patient satisfaction scores soar! Read more »
Should CPI Come to You, or Should You Go to a Public Training Program?
Here's how to make the best and most cost-effective choice. Read more »
How to Meet and Celebrate Your Goals for the New Year
By Lesley Rynders, Courtney Wiher | with 0 comments
Want to get serious about this whole New-Year-New-Me thing? My 5-step approach works! Read more »
One Thing We Forget When We Care for a Living
Human services work works with humans. And let’s admit it: We aren’t the easiest species to get along with. Read more »
3 Ways to Stop Chaos and Start Respect
What if you could turn on the news and see less hate? We’re all in this together. We need one another. Read more »
What Can You Do When You See an Elderly Person Who Looks Alone and Confused?
An elderly gentleman is standing at the edge of the sidewalk. Nobody acknowledges him. He's looking around, confusion on his face. Read more »
Precipitating Factors Associated With Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Because of the nature of Alzheimer’s, working with this population requires compassionate caregivers who are educated about psychopathology. Read more »
3 Ways to Implement Training Now So You Don’t Pay Big Later
Picture you and your colleagues and clients feeling safer, physically and emotionally. Now try these tips to make your training program work for you. Read more »
A Car Almost Hit Me, and I Realized THIS
I grumbled to myself about how people are careless jerks...until I remembered that we all are, sometimes—but there's a way for us not to be. Read more »
I Am EVERYWHERE! (And So Are You)
I said this a lot in New Orleans. 'Cause when you walk 13.6 miles in one day (true story!), you kind of are EVERYWHERE!   Read more »
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