Lesley Rynders

Lesley Rynders has been sharing the CPI philosophy for over 13 years. She’s a Global Professional Manager who loves working with her team of Global Professional Instructors, but that doesn’t keep her from training CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® and Dementia Capable Care programs, since she also loves working with our customers. Lesley’s interests include Trauma-Informed Care, policy development, promoting world peace, and kale. For more from Lesley, follow her on Twitter!

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By Lesley Rynders | Posted on 05.24.2017 | with 0 comments
Try these 4 supportive strategies and watch your patient satisfaction scores soar! Read more »
Here's how to make the best and most cost-effective choice. Read more »
By Lesley Rynders, Courtney Wiher | with 0 comments
Want to get serious about this whole New-Year-New-Me thing? My 5-step approach works! Read more »
Human services work works with humans. And let’s admit it: We aren’t the easiest species to get along with. Read more »
What if you could turn on the news and see less hate? We’re all in this together. We need one another. Read more »
An elderly gentleman is standing at the edge of the sidewalk. Nobody acknowledges him. He's looking around, confusion on his face. Read more »
Because of the nature of Alzheimer’s, working with this population requires compassionate caregivers who are educated about psychopathology. Read more »
Picture you and your colleagues and clients feeling safer, physically and emotionally. Now try these tips to make your training program work for you. Read more »
I grumbled to myself about how people are careless jerks...until I remembered that we all are, sometimes—but there's a way for us not to be. Read more »
I said this a lot in New Orleans. 'Cause when you walk 13.6 miles in one day (true story!), you kind of are EVERYWHERE!   Read more »
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