CPI Bowls in Support of Autism Awareness

It’s not every day that I get to see my colleagues dressed up in grass skirts, leis, and coconuts. But that’s exactly what happened this past Sunday afternoon. You see, CPI sponsored five teams at this year’s Good Friend Inc. Aloha Bowling event in support of autism awareness. And as always, my coworkers turned out in full force . . . and I mean full force. With coconuts on our shirts, grass skirts dragging across the lanes, and flowers in our hair, we bowled the afternoon away.

CPI kids Madeline Lovell (age six) and Emma Zachar (age three) took away the big prize of the afternoon as the best dressed of the entire event. I don’t know if their monkey brothers agreed with the judges, but I thought they looked cute. In the bowling category, I thought I had the most-gutter-balls prize wrapped up until Emma came through with a stellar final frame to earn the honor. Nice work Emma—it’s a title well deserved!

Check out our autism resources on our Knowledge Base page.

Everyone had fun in an effort to support Good Friend Inc. and autism awareness. Good Friend is a nonprofit organization started by two moms of kids with autism. The goal is to educate the classmates of kids with ASD on how to be friends with kids on the spectrum. Good Friend Inc. recently won national awards for their videos and programs that assist schools in autism awareness. With the help of CPI, this year’s event nearly doubled the fundraising goal.

Watch the video below to see the event in action. Thanks to all my CPI colleagues who dressed the part and bowled with pride. It was a super fun event in support of a great cause!



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