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One in Three Seniors Has Dementia
The 2013 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report [PDF] confirms alarming statistics that the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias is growing exponentially. With this dramatic rise in incidence, we need to band together as a community to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.
  Creating a Dementia Care Solution
At Dementia Care Specialists (DCS), we believe that people with dementia do not have to suffer. We believe that people with dementia can coexist with the disease. We believe that people with dementia—and their loved ones as well—can thrive at every stage of the disease. And the key to that is us coming together to create a Dementia Capable Society.
At DCS, we have trained over 6,000 health care professionals. We have certified close to 400 Instructors to teach our Dementia Capable Care: Foundation Course. We have numerous individual health care professionals and long-term care environments that are rising up, wanting to help raise the standard for dementia care, and becoming our Distinguished Providers. We are bringing together individual care providers, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals that want to be part of the dementia care solution.
Building a Positive Frame of Reference
The solution to the epidemic we’re facing is building a network of education and support. The solution is a network that’s empowered with a positive frame of reference about the disease.
When we seek to discover the abilities that people with Alzheimer’s still have, when we enable them to use their remaining abilities, when we encourage them to participate in activities that have meaning for them—activities they enjoy, activities that help them feel purpose, activities that help them feel success—then they can experience quality of life. This also eases the burden of care on professional staff and families.


Being Part of the Solution
Nursing aides are saying, “I’m part of the solution. I now see the remaining abilities of the resident with dementia I’m serving, and I have the skills to enable them to use those abilities, so they’re more independent.”
I’ve heard physicians say, “I’m part of the solution.  I know that I can refer my patients with dementia and their families to a trained occupational therapist who will help guide and advise and teach the family throughout the journey.”
I’ve heard therapists raise their hands and say, “I’m part of the solution. I’m evaluating my residents with dementia, discovering their abilities, and creating maintenance programs. Part of those programs is to teach care staff and family members how to work with this person day to day to optimize their function, quality of life, and health.”

And I’ve heard family members say, “I’m part of the solution. I’ve been educated and supported to accept the changes in my loved one over time and to see that there are positives that I can both facilitate and enjoy with my loved one.”
Join Our Dementia Capable Network
To help people with dementia and their families, we need to support them with our network of professionals and health care organizations—all sharing that positive perspective, and all with common skills and approaches to dementia care.
Together we can help. Join our network and become a part of the solution!
Take the Pledge
Sign a pledge to show your commitment to creating a Dementia Capable Society!
Learn more
  • Find out how Dementia Capable Care training can help you enhance quality of life for persons with dementia.
  • Discover how our memory care consulting services can help individuals and facilities expand the skills they learn in training or specialize in a higher standard for memory care.
  • Learn how professionals and facilities can reach higher and become part of our Dementia Capable Network with Distinguished Provider recognition.
  • Check out our infographic below for more about how YOU can help us create a Dementia Capable Society. Be sure to print a PDF of this poster and hang it up to show your commitment to improving quality of life for people with dementia!
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