How to Manage Stress and Keep Your Temper

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“I didn’t mean it--it just slipped out!”
Does “frazzled” feel like a normal state of mind these days? How’s that been affecting your temper at work or home?
Continual stress can sometimes lead to a small (or large) explosion when you’ve had capital-E enough. While it may feel like a relief to release some of those emotions, you may find you’ve got more problems now than you did before, both for you and the people around you.
I asked our social media community what their go-to methods were for managing stress and keeping their tempers. Here’s their advice:

What's your best tip for managing stress?
  • “A walk. Fresh air does wonders.”
  • “Breathe. I spend a few seconds focusing on the air coming into and out of my lungs. Works wonders.”
  • “Walk the dogs and tell them all my problems—their wagging tails make me forget!”
  • “Exercise and art. Totally appropriate to throw weights around in the gym and equally appropriate to throw paint at a canvas.”
  • “Try and see the funny side, it can defuse.”
  • “Self-care. Always take time for yourself.”
  • “Turn off electronic devices; even an hour or two can make a difference.”
  • “Pray.”
  • “In all that you do, attach yourself to as many people as you can that remain calm and positive! Those which are toxic need not get the best of you…Smile!”

What's your best tip for not losing your temper?
  • “Taking care of your needs first so you are coming from a position of strength and compassion, ready to help the other person identify their unmet needs and model the appropriate way to get them met.”
  • “Breathing and putting the child first not the disability.”
  •  “Negativity--it's not about me.” (from Twitter)
  •  “Not to react immediately to triggers. Have to think first if it's worth the energy.”
  • “Deep breaths, choosing to remember the trauma experience of those who are causing said temper loss...and prayer.”
  • “Look at anger as being not a result of what is around you but rather what is happening inside of you.”
  • “Deep breath…count to ten.” (from Twitter)

Finding the right balance between your responsibilities at home and your job can be stressful. When we bring our own Precipitating Factors to work, it may be difficult to maintain our professionalism and what we at CPI call our “Rational Detachment.” To maintain Rational Detachment even when you’re under stress, look into these three tips to help be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Also try this strategy to minimize challenging behavior without becoming defensive or argumentative.
It’s not always easy to take a mental step back to stay calm and in control of your reactions, but doing so can help de-escalate a difficult situation. What are your tips for keeping your temper or managing stress?

For great tips on how to reduce stress and bounce back faster from burnout and fatigue, check out our podcast interview with author, Olympian, and Rhodes Scholar Bonnie St. John.
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