It’s been a busy month in our work to create a Dementia Capable Society! Take a look to see what we’ve been up to as we teach why the glass is half full for those on the dementia journey:

Video highlights

I recently had the honor of being a guest on Generation Bold Radio. I had the opportunity to talk about why a dementia diagnosis doesn’t mean that meaningful relationships are in the past for families. But it does mean that we have to reframe our expectations and celebrate what remains. The glass is half full when we focus on what someone CAN still do, instead of on what they’ve lost. Thank you, Generation Bold Radio, for inviting me to be on the show to share this message of hope.
The glass is FULL! Focus on ABILITY, not #disability.

I was also thrilled for the opportunity to give a shout-out to my fellow occupational therapists this Occupational Therapy Month. An OT who is dementia therapy specialized can really give families guidance and create the just-right challenge to enable a person with dementia to be the best they can be at every stage. Tune in to the show to learn more.
We’ve also been on the road doing a tremendous amount of speaking engagements. I was a guest speaker for the Gerontology Special Interest Section at the AOTA Conference in Chicago. (View photos from the event.) Then we went to the Environments for Aging Expo & Conference and met a lot of wonderful architects, designers, and owners, and presented on the best-abilities, stage-specific approach to dementia care.

What's next

Next month, we’re headed to Philadelphia for the Memory Care Forum, taking place May 23–24. The forum is bringing together 200 of the nation’s leading care providers, and I’ll be speaking on The Key Components of Memory Care Best Practice and Why They Matter.

I invite you to join us there, and to work with us to create a Dementia Capable Society.