CPI Delivers! To Caring People Around the World

¡Qué experiencia más maravillosa!

What a marvelous experience!

Back in my college days when I intended to pursue a career as a high school teacher, I completed a double teaching major in Spanish and English. Then I changed my major and taught little kids before becoming an elementary school principal.

I spent eight years studying Spanish and never taught in Spanish.

Until recently.

After several months re-learning Spanish, I had the privilege and honor of teaching Intervención No-Violenta en Crisis (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training) in Costa Rica. The program was hosted by an educational agency that supports resources for inclusive special education.


It was the biggest challenge and the most rewarding experience in my 10 years with CPI.

The class was wonderful, and as my participants prepared to become certified to teach the program themselves, they were truly dedicated to sharing our mission of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠, also known as . . .

It was a fantastic, unforgettable experience. I even had a chance to see some sights and take in a típica, a Costa Rican dinner that included traditional dancing.


As they say in Costa Rica, everything was “Pura vida!”

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