I Am Alive

I can't dance anymore, but I can still sing. Help me to enjoy my music. This enriches my life.


I can't use utensils anymore, but I can still feed myself. Make me a part of the meal experience. This will give me independence.


I can't take a bath by myself anymore, but I can still wash my own face. Assist me with direction. This will help me feel clean.


I don't remember your name, but I still remember the role I played in life. Give me the chance to play that part. This will enhance my confidence.


I don't use good judgment anymore, but I can still make decisions. Give me a choice. This will keep me calm.


I don't garden anymore, but I still can smell the flowers. Bring me some roses. This will remind me of my past.


I shouldn't use a razor anymore, but I can still shave with an electric razor. Prompt me to use it. This will make me feel good.


I can't walk unassisted anymore, but I can still move my body. Walk with me, so I have you to lean on in case I fall.


I can't speak anymore, but I can still communicate. Be receptive to my attempts. This will help me recognize my own abilities.


My family doesn't visit anymore and my friends are all gone. I don't get phone calls and I can't take care of a pet. You are my lifeline. I depend on you. But, please don't do for me what I can do for myself. My remaining abilities are still intact. Please recognize this and enhance my ability to function as a person. You, my caretaker, are the key to the quality of my life.


I am sometimes lonely. I yearn for affection. I may never again meet that special person. But, I can still love and I know you can love me too. I will die soon, but don't let me die without my last remaining chance to live.

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