Five Takeaways From the Federal Bullying Prevention Summit

By Erin Harris | Posted on 08.22.2014 | 2 comments
What new resources are out there to help you reduce bullying in your school? What strategies can complement the prevention program you already have in place?

The recent 2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit examined programs, trends, research, and ways to reduce bullying and its effects. Among the resources discussed were:
  1. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence's RULER, which aids kids with social and emotional learning.
  2. Facebook’s Put a Stop to Bullying hub.
  3. Peer support initiatives like the Bullied Teens Support Group.
  4. Bullying, Harassment, and Civil Rights, a video from the US Departments of Ed and Justice.
  5. SAMHSA's KnowBullying app for parents and educators.

Want to learn more about the summit and other resources? Check out Bullying, Your School, and What You Can Do About It.

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