Upgraded Setting Effective Limits Topic Module Now Available!

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I'm happy to announce that if you're a Prepare Training® Certified Instructor, you can now teach your coworkers our newly upgraded Setting Effective Limits Topic Module. This module includes even more tools and resources than ever for managing difficult behavior, and you can teach it in conjunction with the Foundation Course, other Topic Modules, or Specialized Training Segments.

No matter where we work, there are times when we need to interact with individuals who are uncooperative, challenging, or resistive. These individuals might be coworkers, customers, vendors, or others. They might ignore us, refuse to do something we’ve asked, yell at us, or even make threats. Often, our response is to become frustrated and angry ourselves. But when we allow our own feelings of frustration and anger to control our actions, we often start behaving just as badly as the other person. Not only is this unproductive, it can also make an already difficult situation worse.

But there's a more productive way to deal with difficult behavior. By training your participants in how to set constructive limits, you'll help them strengthen their interpersonal communication skills and:
  • Be more confident when interacting with challenging individuals.
  • Recognize and avoid power struggles.
  • Set clear, reasonable, and enforceable limits.
  • Use Empathic Listening skills as a tool for setting limits effectively.
  • Apply program content and skills to real-life work experiences.
  • Establish or maintain a workplace culture of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.

There are two focused activities involved in the module. We have designed the module to allow you and your Authorized Organization the flexibility to focus more intently on one or all of the areas addressed in these activities based on your organization's needs.

You can engage your participants in the full activities or cover the content through interactive lectures. We strongly suggest that you conduct at least one of these as activities to help engage participants deeper in the content. This flexibility will allow you to cover all of the content while spending more time on specific knowledge or skill areas. Keep in mind that conducting both activities as written may add to the projected time frame.

This upgrade also features the Behavior Intervention Toolbox, a new and robust resource that builds on the framework of CPI’s Crisis Development Model℠ and Verbal Escalation Continuum℠. This dynamic tool is now included in the Teaching Notes and Participant Workbooks. This rich set of techniques is defined, described, and explained in a simple and clear step-by-step format. A realistic workplace example is provided for each strategy. Each technique is also mapped against suggested levels of the CPI Crisis Development Model℠ and Verbal Escalation Continuum℠.

Certified Instructor Teaching Notes and Participant Workbooks have been updated to reflect these changes. Please recall that every participant is required to have his or her own workbook. Participant Workbooks allow for guided note-taking to encourage and enhance learning and retention. The workbooks are also an excellent reference that each employee can take away from training. Pre-tests, post-tests, and Participant Evaluations are still included in each workbook.

Now, what if your organization still has a supply of the former Setting Effective Limits Topic Module workbooks? You can continue teaching the former version as long as you have sufficient workbook stock. CPI stock of the former version, however, has been depleted and is no longer available. As such, training resource exchange is not involved with this upgrade. We encourage you and your Authorized Organization to use existing workbook stock of the former course along with your current Teaching Notes. Please plan to order new training resources when your current stock of workbooks is exhausted. 

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®!


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