Group of Grandmas Takes the Trip of a Lifetime

By Daniel Gugala | Posted on 08.18.2015 | 0 comments
What happens when a group of grandmas and great-grandmas get together? 
Bingo and card games?
A trip to see the ocean? 
For some grandmothers, definitely!
A trip to the ocean is exactly what a group of women from a tiny village in Northern Italy took together. They visited the Croatian island of Ugljan, a 12-hour journey from their village.
What moves me so much about this story is that of the women who went on this adventure, only a couple had ever been outside their village. Only two had ever seen the sea before, and none of them had ever gotten their feet wet or learned to swim. 
They also had an age requirement: They needed to be 60 or older to take the trip. They did their own fundraising, which included community bake sales, a calendar, and the help of a grandson with crowdfunding online.
What I find so inspiring about this is that a group of women who rarely ever traveled DREAMED BIG. They also worked hard, thanked everyone who helped fund them by sending postcards to hundreds of people, and had the holiday of a lifetime.  
A great example that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

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