How 9 People React to This Hate Message Is Incredible

Photo: Eksperimentas VERTIMAS / YouTube
A man asks you to translate a Facebook message he’s received. He doesn’t know the language the message is in, but you do. Before you tell him what the message says, you see that it’s full of hate. Hate for the man who’s asking for your help. What do you do?

A man in Lithuania really asked nine locals to translate a message for him into English. How they react—as they realize what it would feel like to receive this hate message themselves—shows the enormous power of compassion.

This translation experiment was created by a human rights organization in Lithuania. Their website (in Lithuanian) is a digital handbook on how to respond to racial and sexual bullying online, on the street, at work, at school, and anywhere.

How would you respond if you read a hate message like this?
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